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  • What are Simplified Chinese characters and Traditional characters? What's the difference?
  • They are the two main versions of Chinese. Simplified Chinese, or Simplified Chinese Characters, also referred to as "Mandarin" is the official script in Mainland China (such as Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Xi'an, and Guangzhou), Singapore, and Malaysia.

    The Traditional Chinese, or Traditional Chinese Characters, also referred to as "Cantonese" is mainly used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and most overseas Chinese community including US and Canadian Chinese communities. However it is beginning to switch as more and more new immigrants are coming from fast developing mainland China.

    If you don't know whether you should use Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you to decide which one to use or to use both. We can provide both Simplified Chinese translation (also referred to as Mandarin translation) and Traditional Chinese translation services.

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