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Lost and Found

It is like a shop, but more like a museum.This store spares no effort to follow nostalgia to the end.There are mottled doorplates, iron thermos bottles with wintersweets or peonies, copper bells used on bikes , white porcelain trays, clocks that can tell the time aloud in the shop.Seeing the goods, some recall with emotion, while some others feel they are novel.Maybe it is the cycle of fashion.Chinese name of the store is "Lost and Found" and the store sells mainly household items, small utensils, gadgets and clothing designed by common people.Light in the shop is light and bright and it creates a taste of transparent sun.Goods on marketing are mostly old, but not old enough to be on the level of antiques. Thus it is good for the petty bourgeoisies who are nostalgic to have a look and purchase in the store.A lot of thermos bottles, big enamel water vats, old sewing machines, small spoon and the like line in the place that is near windowsill.There is large space in the store, which is with texture of log cabins in western United States.Droplight and large bulbs on the ceiling well show the owner's artistic taste and knowledge.There are two chairs, two basins of grass and a few promotional cards beside the door. All of these are quiet and harmonious.Address:No. 42 Imperial College Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing City


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