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Beijing Traditional Snacks of Sugar Ear

Honeyed dough twists is also named “Sug ar ear” because it features the ear shape of a man.Here is an evidence as quoted from an ancient poem read“ Surprised! Can ear be consumed as food ? Often with companies I go to enjoy such honeyed-twist”. May we ask where to find the best ? It’s the two-floor bar not afar as I pointed.”It’s a good time to enjoy honeyed dough twists in autumn, winter and spring. You are not suggested to have it in summer because it is too hot in this season and syrup is easy to melt.Honeyed dough twists are often dark brown, appearin g glo ssy and tasting sweet and delicious. The most famous in Beijing are those made by “Nanlaishun” Restaurant. In 1997, the honeyed dough twists were selected as one of the “ Beijing Famous Snacks” and one of the “Famous Snacks of China”. The Nanlaishun Resturant, a time-honoured brand of Beijing owning a history about 70 years, is known in the capital for its features of stirring, roasting and instant boiling. Its snacks are even more exquisite to be compared.Similar with the honeyed dough twists, there is also the honeyed dough-grate that are made of the same material as the honeyed dough twists but owning a different shape. It has three flat layers with several vertical cuts in the middle on its surface. After being fried and honeyed, it can be ready then. Besides, there are also such snacks as fried dough twists with caster sugar and fried lotus root slices with caster sugar.Neither the fried dough twists nor the fried lotus root slices need to be honeyed but to be covered with cooked flour and caster sugar. In this case they can be tasted sweet, flaky and crisp.

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