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Maojingba National Forest Park

In the invigorating autumn, driving 350 km in your beloved car along Jingcheng Expressway through Chengde, and following Chengwei and Chengchi routes, will take you to a place nearest Beijing with the most beautiful scenery — Maojingba National Forest Park. The four seasons are distinct in the park with abundant colours, while summarising autumn in the garden as “varied and graceful” is in no way an exaggeration. Regardless of where you are – in the ridge or in the valley, and no matter where you go, you will be overwhelmed with the sea of gorgeous colours. The strange multicoloured peak, the undulating silk-like ridges, the passionate and fiery acer monoes, the romantic and unconventional white-and-yellow interplaced birch woods and those purple wild flowers beneath willingly being foils, and the seemingly forever un-exhausted mountain stream that is forever humming as it flows along, are all like a vintage wine that makes you drunk without drinking......

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