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Penghao Theatre

Entering into Penghao Theatre, no one will ignore the sentence on the wall which straightly face to the gate - “Drama is free.”This is a bar based on the theme of drama, or we may call it a theatre.Walls of the Theatre are fully pasted with various posters and pictures about drama. All the pictures are took in the theatre. For example, Meng Jinghui was holding lamps, and Chen Jianbin was playing the role devotedly.In the hall filled with wooden chairs and tables, various voices of discussing scripts and stage playing are always can be heard. Among the voices, there are not only professions, but also students of Central Academy of Drama.The entrance of the theatre is on the right side of the hall. The small theatre, with a simple and crude environment in a typical style of black box, can contain some 100 persons. While it is the style that make the small theatre have the charm of a small theatre.There are small attics of a height of half a floor on both sides of the hall. The Tatami is paved with soft cushion on which are particularly suitable for a group of people to play cards.Upward along a iron stairs somewhat steep, there is a secluded terrace. The wooden chairs and tables without the shelter of parasol pose an elegant style in the midsummer nights.

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