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Braised Mutton of Old Brand of Bai Kui

As for snacks in the alley of ancient Beijing, we have to talk about the braised mutton of old brand of Bai Kui.The Old Brand of Bai Kui has ever been recognized as a restaurant for providing imperial food by Imperial Household Department of Qing Dynasty. Its braised mutton is famous throughout Beijing City. The surface of each piece of mutton is in scarlet color; once clipping it with chopsticks, you will find it is very soft; after a bite, you will feel its skin is scorched and meat inside is delicate; it is spiced but not greasy and without smell of mutton.Do not forget that it is made after many very complex procedures of tightening, boiling, stewing and frying delicately-selected mutton together with over 10 ingredients.There is also a specialty dish of Old Brand of Bai Kui--- roast duck with puff pastry skin of Bai Kui.The roast duck is in jujube red color; the duck skin is crumbly and it will melt once in your month, so how the only word “delicious” can express that kind of taste! The chafing dish of Old Brand of Bai Kui is also a delicious dish chosen by the eaters each time. As a Muslim restaurant with long history, the mini chafing dish here not only possesses delicate taste; it also attaches much importance to nutrition collocation of soup stock. Besides tasting delicious food here, you can have a healthy and assured dinner as well.

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