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Fragrant Library

There are all kinds of libraries and book stores in Beijing, but there is one fragrant library called Demeter in Sanlitun. It is a library by name, but there are no books to be sold in the shop. Instead, there are a lot of perfumes with different fragrance, just like a library stocked with perfumes in place of refined books. Demeter Perfume is a New York brand from USA, created by two big American guys, Christopher Brosius and Christopher Gable. They have a library with a collection of more than 800 different kinds of perfumes, and are determined to use the method of “linking fragrance with memory” in their perfume blending.

Brosius likes to paint his finger nails blue, while Gable boasts about his view of “democratization of perfume”. The perfumes they design are often incredible and well beyond your imagination. With the creation inspirations coming from daily life that can help you find the long lost memory of olfactory sensation, Demeter from USA will overturn your view about perfume. Demeter won the FiFi Perfume Awards in 2000 for being the most creative fragrance.

Address: SLG29 Sanlitun Village, Chaoyang District; and Level 1 Zhongguancun.

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