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Old Beijing snack of traditional meat pie

It was said that in qing dynasty the imperial kitchen of royal palace specifically made a filling dessert for Empress Cixi, it tasted to be delicious and the empress dowager like it so much that she asked the name of the snack. Being asked, the chef provisionally thought of the doornail on the door, then he answered that it's name was meat pie doornail.There is little difference between tthe practice of the meat pie doornail and the general one, the former one is a cylinder with the hight of 3 cm and the diameter of 5 cm however the latter one is oblate. Traditionally the stuffing usually to be beef and green onions. And in the selection of the stuffing of meat pie doornail, the brain of the beef and the site of fat and lean more often than not to be the first choice. After they were mixed chopped and stired with auxiliary material like sesame oil, onions, fresh ginger and pepper the preparatory work almost finished. Package the stuffing with refined white flour and Cheng Song soft dough and make it be a shape of a nail on the royal red gate, it's size is best to be 4 cm in diameter and 2 cm thick, then put them on dang to decoct burger mature. Putting the end product in the dish then we can say it is kind of cate with thin skin and plump stuffing. The dessert is crispy outside and tender inside, when take a bite of the snack the fresh soup waft out to form a unique flavor.It tasted better when it is hot because the meat nail doornail is full of oil and the butter is easy to solidify, but it also has defect because the mouth is easy to be hurt. To pour some vinegar on the pie can not only remove greasy but also bring a better taste.

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